10-15 September, 2024

  • yoga flow, science of water and ceremony and ocean/forest walks

     With Leni Love e Laura Korculanin


    Envision yourself in a peaceful coastal setting in Portugal, where you can stay at an authentic eco-lodge Villa Epicurea just 50 min from Lisbon and 35 min walk from the coast.


    Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the calming presence of the Atlantic Ocean, you'll have the opportunity to participate in daily yoga, meditation, journaling, and engaging creative activities such as painting.


    This retreat is crafted by EPIC RETREATS by Villa Epicurea to help you reconnect with yourself, bust your happiness, and achieve inner harmony through the exploration of you inner flow, and movement and nature.


    It offers a chance to rejuvenate, refresh, and embark on a journey of self-exploration in a serene and motivating environment.


    Water intelligence immersive journey, addressing holistic wellness, hydration, longevity, emotional healing and inner health and water flow. Water blessings. Water baptism- very ancient and powerful.



    • 5 nights, 6 days accommodation
    • 3 daily buffet-style meals 
    • Daily yoga with Leni
    • Water ceremony and workshop with Laura 
    • Guided “forest to the beach” tour with breathing meditation at the beach
    • Sound healing ceremony
    • Wi-Fi in common areas 
    • Natural pool



    • Airfare to us
    • Transfer to Villa Epicurea
    • Massages, Surf, and additional excursions that are not a part of the program
    • Honesty bar

Day 1 

First drop

3 p.m. - Arrival

5 p.m. - Welcome snacks and Talk & Restorative practice

7 p.m. - Dinner 

Day 2

Silence in my

7.40 a.m. - Tea and dry fruits

8 a.m. - Yoga

9.a.m. - Breakfast

10 a.m. - Free Time (optional add on activities)

2 p.m. - Lunch

3 p.m. - Silence walk to the beach thought the forest and ocean meditation

6.30 p.m. - Flow yoga

7.30 p.m. - Dinner

Day 3

Art in me

7.40 a.m. - Tea and dry fruits

8 a.m. - Yoga

9 a.m. - Breakfast

10 a.m. - Free Time (optional add on activities, massages, 5 days in advance bookings)

2 p.m. - Lunch

3.30 p.m. - Free painting with aquarelle, we supply materials

6.00 p.m. - Restorative Yoga and deep guided meditation by Leni

7.30 p.m. - Dinner

Day 4


Inner Waters (day guided by Laura)

7.40 a.m. - Tea and dry fruits

8 a.m. - Yoga

9 a.m. - Breakfast

10 a.m. - Water Intelligence journey - science of water, water memory, hydration, wellbeing, longevity, inner health, emotional healing, release and recharge. Water teachings, practices and tools for water quality increase

2 p.m. - Lunch

3:30 p.m. - Water ceremony and water release practices

6 p.m. - Pool time - Water activation practice - water floating technics - connecting to your higher self through water molecules

7.30 p.m. - Dinner

21.00 - Rest and reflection time

Day 5


Outer Waters (day guided by Laura)

7.40 a.m. - Tea and dry fruits

8 a.m. - Yoga and pranayama

9 a.m. - Breakfast

10 a.m. -  Water share - water teachings for your personal water body equilibrium influencing your outer reality with mirroring affect

11 a.m. - Water Despacho offering preparation - creation of mandala with co-creative prayers and sharing circle. Despacho water blessing needs, dreams and desires

2 p.m. - Lunch

3 p.m. - Walk to the beach, water prayer and Despacho water offering - manifestation of your dreams and desires

6.30 p.m. - Sound journey with Laura


Day 6


Clothing ripple

7.40 a.m. - Tea and dry fruits

8 a.m. - Yoga & Meditation

10 a.m. - Breakfast

11 p.m. - Check out from the rooms

11.30 p.m. - Closing Ceremony




Sports therapist | PT | Yoga & movement teacher | Somatic coach & founder of @souldrishti



Lena brings two decades of experience as a sports therapist and personal trainer. She began her yoga journey 12 years ago, starting to teach two years later. Lena completed her training as a somatic coach last year, rounding out her comprehensive approach to holistic well-being.

“With my extensive personal and professional background, I am uniquely prepared to guide others toward holistic well-being through movement, breath, and somatic practices. Throughout the years, I have not only navigated my own challenges but also acquired extensive knowledge and qualifications. My studies encompass various modalities that harmonize the body and mind.”

♡ Supporting you on your journey of acceptance & self love supported through nervous system rebalancing

Laura Korculanin

Water steward I Regeneration consultant I Founder Give a Shit | Mentor | Speaker | Design Anthropologist


Laura Korčulanin is a water steward, and water priestess merging science, cnsciousness and water protection under one umbrella. Laura's dedication to water seamlessly merges over 10 years of scientific research, with water consciousness, art, and ritualistic practice, creating an emblematic connection that contributes to both individual and collective well-being, fostering the reestablishment of water health within and without our bodies. She is a founder of Give a Shit – a regenerative innovation agency focused on urban water management and ecological sanitation. With over 15 years of international experience in sustainability and impact innovation worldwide across various sectors—governments, industries, businesses, and academia—she mentors (Sustainable Ocean Alliance, 1-1) and consults on vital missions aimed at the regeneration and restoration of planetary health. Additionally, her wholehearted dedication lies in protection of waters with her recent water token project focused on granting water rights to nature. Some of her work collaborations include worldwide renown ecobotique resort Habitas, UN-Water Campaigns, Roca bathroom space company and Operation Water foundation.

Laura Korculanin

  • Room: Towels for bathroom and pool, hairdryer, gel for body and hair (bio)

    Kitchen: Coffee machine, fridge, kettle.

    Yoga dome: mats, belts, blankets, pillows, blocks, 4 bolsters.



Is it possible to have an early check-in or late check-out?

Normally, check-ins are after 3pm and check-outs are at 11 am.

Early check-ins and late check-outs are not available in general.

Please let us know in advance if you wish to arrive before 3pm or

departure after 11am. If program has a lunch for the last day it should be at

12:00 and finished by 13:00. The rooms should be left at 11:00 anyway.

Do you offer a transfer from/to the airport?

We do not offer a transfer ourselves, but we're happy to schedule one for

you, if necessary. Please let us know if you wish to book a transfer and we

can give you a quote. Usually it's about 175 Euro for a bus for 6 from

airport to Villa.

Can I stay of extra night before or after retreat?

Yes you can, but make us request my email: info@villaepicurea.com, we see for you the availability.

What about cleaning?

Rooms and tiny houses are cleaned 2 in 2 days, common areas are

cleaned daily.

Do you offer parking?

Yes, we have about 7-8 parking spots.

Do you offer massages and other activities?

Yes, massages (75 euro) and other activities are available upon request for an

additional charge. Please ask for our Experiences Menu. All activities

should be scheduled at least 1 week in advance.

There are surfing lessons as well for 35 Euro + transfer pp.

To see all the options, check our Experiences Menu for Retreats at


How far is the nearest supermarket?

The closest supermarkets are about 15min driving from the Villa.

How many separate bedrooms does each tiny-house Sea or Garden have?

Each tiny house includes one bedroom with two beds and one living room where two additional people can sleep in separate beds. There is one shared bathroom. The total square footage of the tiny house is 28 square meters.

Do rooms have private WC and do you provide towels?

Yes, each of our rooms has a private WC. And we have towels for

bathroom and pool.

How big is your space?

We have only 5 units, 3 rooms and 2 tiny houses.