In the area

In the surroundings: Setubal region is rich with natural, historic and cultural landmarks, while its winemaking traditions deserve special attention. We’re in love with this piece of Portugal and would gladly tell you about the best points of interest.


Conservation area paths, endless ocean, cliff shore, pristine secluded beaches untouched by tourism industry. Hiking through Cabo Espechel, Praia do Meco, Praia do Baleia and others are energy-filling and inspiring.

In order to better disclose power places of the region we prepared special guided tours through the prism of spiritual practices:

  • “Discover the nature of your femininity. Go back to the roots.”

  • “At one with the universe. The power of life.”



Not far from our hotel are quite a few popular birdwatching spots. One of those in Lago da Albufeira is just 8 km. away. And in a unique spot where deltas of Tejo and Sado rivers unite creating overflows and salinas you can enjoy a picnic while observing incredible variety of bird species including flocks of flamingos that introduce the pink color into winter landscapes. More than 250 bird species come for wintering or live here permanently. We can arrange a birdwatching session with an experienced ornithologist for you.

See Dolphins and visit wild Troia

Sado river cruises, natural park Estuário do Sado is also famous for dolphins sightings and endless sandy beaches of the Troia peninsula.

Oyster parks

Setubal is the main supplier of fresh oysters not only for Lisbon, but also for other countries including France. Until recently the bigger part of the oyster gather from Portuguese farms was exported, but now the situation is changing and many farms are opening their doors and are glad to show their secrets to the guests.

Wineries tours

Winemaking traditions of the region have been evolving for many years. It is here that one of the most famous Portuguese wines, (vinho Moscatel de Setúbal) is born. We prepared recommendations based on opinions of local gourmets and sommelier, with best wineries and places where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with a glass of excellent wine. Alternatively we can arrange a trip with a guide competent in region’s wineries.


Conquer the rocks

Take a new look at the ocean and green landscape of Serra da Arrabida park. The highest peak is located at Serra do Risco, a steep rock 380 meters above sea level.



Portugal is often reffered to as the european capital of waves. Wind energy and unique mountain landscape allow to practice every kind of surfing all year round but the best time is from may till october.

Diving and snorkeling

Several beaches in the vicinity give an opportunity to get acquainted with unique representatives of flora and fauna, while you can get a detailed information about them and prepare to observe them in their natural hapitat at the Museu Ocenográfico, which is located at Santa Maria da Arrabida fortress.

Cycle rides

They require significat level of fitness due to mountainous terrain, but if you are fit they can be another exciting way of enjoying the area.