Packages & Eco-Experiences


Discover our Relax Package and have a moment of serenity in a true nature retreat

Includes 2 massages of 1h each during your stay (options: Shiatsu, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue)




Enjoy a romantic getaway at Villa Epicurea. Our Romance Package includes:

Vegetarian Dinner for 2
1 bottle of Sparkling Wine or Wine
Therapeutic Massage for 2 (In the guestroom. Duration of 1h each massage. Options: Shiatsu, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue)


Enjoy a 10% discount when staying 3 nights or more



Chef’s Menu

Enjoy a 3-course vegetarian menu made specially for you. Includes fresh juice or tea.


• Price: 28€ (per person) or 25€ (per person for groups of 4 or more)
• 24h advance reservation required


Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is an alternative technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific
points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain.

• Price: 55€ (per person)
• Massage therapist: Bruno
• 24h advance reservation required

Swedish/Classic Massage

One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This
is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood
returning to the heart.

• Price: 55€ (per person)
• Massage therapist: Tânia
• 24h advance reservation required


Ayurvedic massage

Full body massage using organic lavender essential oil and a light touch to promote deep
relaxation and soothe away the daily stress.

• Price: 55€ (per person)
• Massage therapist: Kate
• 24h advance reservation required

Therapeutic massage

The therapeutic massage is stronger and has an intense rhythm. It aims to decrease the
muscle tension and prevent inflammation and injury. This massage also helps muscle recovery
after exercise.

• Price 60€ (per person)
• Massage therapist: Kate
• 24h advance reservation required


Sound Therapy with massage

During this treatment you will receive an ayurvedic massage with reflexology and essential
oils and sound therapy, with Tibetan bawls and tuning forks in specific trigger points.

• Price: 85€ (per person) or 150€ (couple)
• Massage therapist: Kate and Francisco
• Available only on the weekends (July 2019 – available every day)
• 24h advance reservation required

Osteopathy Massage

This massage emphasizes manual readjustments, myofascial release and other physical
manipulation of the muscle tissue and bones.

• Price: 50€ (per person)
• Massage therapist: Carlos
• 24h advance reservation required


Alkaline Food Cooking class

On this workshop you will learn about alkaline cuisine and how it can inspire and help you to
have more energy and heal your body. You’ll cook a 3-course menu together with our chef
and then you can enjoy your own alkaline dinner.

• Price: 55€ (per person)
• Chef: Kate
• Recommended hours: 6pm to 9pm
• 24h advance reservation required

Yoga class

Experience an outdoor yoga class surrounded by nature.

• Price: 40€ (individual class) | 25€ (per person – for classes with 2 people) | 20€ (per
person – for classes with 3 people or more)
• Yoga teacher: Hugo or Isabel or Mariana ou Manuela
• 24h advance reservation required


Surf lesson

Learn how to surf in a Portuguese beach.

• Price: 35€ (per person – group lesson)
• DuckDive Surf School (group lesson at Costa da Caparica)
• Francisco (private lesson in a nearby beach – price upon request)
• 24h advance reservation required

Adventurous Sports and more

Canoeing, Climbing, Mountain Bike, Rappel, Trekking, Dolphin watch and more

• Different prices.
• 24h advance reservation required


Go back to the roots

Discover the nature of your femininity is a guided tour with Kate Sotero.

The human being has always sought in nature the remedies to cure their problems. Let's take a walk through Arrabida Natural Park and identify some species of plants useful for women's health. After the tour, we will go to Villa Epicurea to explore a little about herbal medicine and natural biological cosmetics. We will make some creams, toothpaste, and lipstick with essential oils and plants.


• Price: 37 € per person (minimum of 2)*

• 48h advance reservation required


*dislocation is not in a price, you can come with your car or we can manage a transfer.

Cooking classes and tastings sessions

At our kitchen you can attend variety of cooking classes, as well as book personal sessions. Best chefs will introduce you not only to the secrets of cooking of vegeterian and Mediterranean dishes out of local produce but also to the principles of Vedic, Ayurvedic and macrobiotia cuisine

Private picnic

Picnic during sunset — per your request we'll put together a picnic basket with the best produce from the local eco-farms, advise on the secluded areas with a stunning view, and, in case it is required, will provide logistics


* We kindly ask that if you wish to book one of our experiences, please let us know with at least 24h advance. We always try to accommodate bookings at a short notice, however it may not be possible if the therapist is unavailable.

Concerts at Villa Epicurea

Always is a nice surprise :)