our philosophy

Located in a stunningly beautiful site imersed on the evergreen landscape of Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, Villa Epicurea was born out of a dream: sharing the lessons of Epicurus Philosophy and contribute for a happy, peaceful and pleasant life.

By creating this wellness heaven, bathed by the ocean breeze and blessed by unreal sunsets, we invite you to indulge on a transformative journey that will awake all your senses, arise your feelings, leaving reason behind as you reborn.

Our mission is LOVE

Moved by love for nature, for mankind and for the earth, at Villa Epicurea, we strive to make each of your guests happy and fulfilled, tuned with his innerself, conscious of his feelings, of his needs. In order to conquer this state of wellbeing, we provide our guests with the opportunity of unplug and reset from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, from the noise of the big cities, ensuring the time for them to find their peace and balance.


Villa Epicurea is the realisation of the dream of Marianna. Driven by a tremendous love for life and commitment on sharing a natural heaven, cradled by trees and mountains, and by the desire to pass on the lessons from Epicurus, they opened this eco-friendly hotel’s doors for the first time of June 2019.

During their journey, while trying to turn this dream into reality, they were able to overcome manyobstacles without ever losing their aim: combine comfort and design with a sustainable use of resources from the construction of the houses to the choice for natural energy and a biological pool.

As a final result, you can now enjoy mesmerizing sunsets in a cozy atmosphere, away from all the trouble of day-to-day living. This is a place where you can “belong”, a nature retreat where you can “become”, an inspiring place to “reborn”, empwer yourself and breathe deeply, and fill your body, mind and soul with serenity.